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Pricing Model

We understand that each business has unique verification requirements. To cater to these needs, we have devised two distinct subscription tiers: On Demand and Premium.

On Demand

The On Demand plan is designed for flexibility. It allows you to create verification requests as and when you need them. This ad-hoc service is perfect for businesses with fluctuating verification needs. Under the On Demand plan, you have two options for payment:

  • Applicant Pays: In this scenario, the individual or entity you're verifying will cover the cost of the verification request. This option is ideal when the verification service is a requirement for the applicant, such as for job application screening, tenant verification, or other similar situations.

  • You Pay: Here, your business covers the cost of the verification. This may be more appropriate when you need to verify information for internal purposes or when the verification cost forms part of your business expenses.

There is no upfront payment required for the On Demand plan. Payment is only needed once you create a verification request, providing you with maximum financial flexibility. This plan also includes the ability to integrate with your existing software.


The Premium tier is designed for businesses that have a high volume of verifications each month. With this plan, you'll receive a dedicated set of 20 verifications each month at a discounted rate. This offers great value for businesses that consistently require numerous verifications.

Additional benefits of the Premium plan include:

  • Team Access: Like the Pro plan, this feature lets multiple users from your organization use RapidVerify, facilitating easier collaboration.

  • API Access: Access RapidVerify’s API for deeper integration into your own systems, allowing for more advanced, customized solutions.

The Premium plan is the ideal choice for high-volume businesses that want to take full advantage of all RapidVerify's features and save money in the process.

Remember, our goal at RapidVerify is to make your verification process as simple, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. Choose the tier that best aligns with your business needs and let us handle the rest.