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Install the App

To start verifying identities or income within Pipedrive, you'll need to install the RapidVerify integration. Just click the button below, and a prompt will ask you for authorization to install the app.

Review Permissions

Your data privacy is crucial. Below are the permissions RapidVerify needs.

  • Access to basic information - This is the default permission that is always enabled for all apps.
  • Deals: Read only - Read access to trigger the automated verification when a deal reaches your selected pipeline stage if you selected automatic verification.
  • Contacts: Full access - Read and write access to retrieve the contacts details to send verification requests and also update the verification status.
  • Webhooks: Full access - Full access to be able to create the webhook that responds to verification triggers from Pipedrive.
Pipedrive Authorize

After ensuring everything looks alright, click the Allow and Install button.

Integration configuration

With a click on Allow and Install, you'll be directed to RapidVerify. Here, our system will finalize the integration.

Pipedrive Configure

You have two options here:

  • Manual Verification: Need to verify a specific contact? Simply select the contact and request either an income or identity verification straight from the panel in Pipedrive.
  • Automatic Verification: Prefer automated workflows? You can set up RapidVerify to auto-trigger verifications based on pipeline stages. Define which pipeline stage you'd like to use as the trigger. Once set, RapidVerify will handle the verifications automatically every time a contact reaches the defined stage.

If you select Automatic Verification, you will select the pipeline, pipeline stage, and verification type. The pipeline options come from your Pipedrive account. For Verification Type, you can select either income or identity verification. You can also check Customer Pays if you would like your customers to pay for each verification.

Once you have configured your options, click submit. You can now close this window and head back to Pipedrive.

Manual Verification

If you selected manual or automatic verification in the configuration screen, you will have access to create manual verifications directly within a contact. To create a verification request, click on the menu at the top right and click Send Verification Request.

Pipedrive Menu

This will open a modal that allows you to send a verification request to the contact.

Pipedrive Manual Request

You will need to specify:

  • Verification Type - A verification type of either Income Verification or Identity Verification.
  • Expiration Date - Set the date this verification is due by
  • Applicant Pays - Select if the application should pay for this verification.

Once you have configured the verification request, click Send. This will send an email to the contact informing them to complete the verification.

Below is an email contacts will receive when the webhook is triggered. If you would like to modify this, please reach out to us at:

Sample Email


If you would like to uninstall the integration. You can do so through one of two ways:


Click the puzzle icon at the top right in Pipedrive and click the puzzle icon button on the right.

Pipedrive Apps

Click the menu button next to RapidVerify and click Uninstall. You can leave feedback if you would like or click Continue. This will disable the integration.

Pipedrive Uninstall


From the dashboard, click Integrations, click Pipedrive. You will then click the red Uninstall button. Confirm you would like to uninstall and this will revoke access to your account within Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Uninstall