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Connect the App

To start verifying identities within QuickBooks, you'll need to connect to your QuickBooks account to RapidVerify. Just click the button below, and a prompt will ask you for authorization to connect the app.

Connect to QuickBooks

Authorize the Connection

After signing into your QuickBooks account, you will be presented with a screen that asks you to Authorize the connection. After ensuring everything looks good, click Connect.

QuickBooks Authorize

Once you have clicked connect, you will then be taken back to RapidVerify to complete onboarding. To learn more about the onboarding process Click Here.

During the onboarding process, you will be presented with a Verification Report Password. This password is used to unlock the verification reports we send via email. To learn more about the Verification Report Password Click Here.

Verifying identities

When you add a new employee or contractor in QuickBooks, our integrated identity verification software streamlines the onboarding process. Upon adding the new contact, our system automatically triggers an identity verification request directly to the employee or contractor.

This request will guide them through a secure process to confirm their identity. This seamless integration ensures the integrity of your records, reduces the risk of fraud, and offers a convenient experience for new employees or contractors.

You can click Verifications on the left side menu in RapidVerify to view all your verification requests either sent or completed. Once the verification request is completed, you will receive a detail password protected identity verification report via email. To learn more about Post Verification Click Here.

Below is an email contacts will receive when the webhook is triggered. If you would like to modify this, please reach out to us at:

Sample Email

Disconnecting QuickBooks

To disconnect QuickBooks from RapidVerify, you have two options:

  • From QuickBooks - To disconnect from QuickBooks, click Apps on the left side menu, on the RapidVerify card, click the down arrow, then click Disconnect.
Disconnect QuickBooks
  • From RapidVerify - To disconnect from RapidVerify, from your dashboard, click Integrations, then click Disconnect on the QuickBooks card.
Disconnect QuickBooks

Upon clicking 'Disconnect', you'll see a confirmation message on RapidVerify. You can then reconnect your QuickBooks account if desired.

Disconnected QuickBooks