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Verification Results

Whether you've opted for basic or enhanced verification, your next step is to understand the results and how to access them. In this article, we'll guide you through what happens after verification and how you can view and use your compiled report.

Compilation of Verification Details

Once the verification process is completed:

  • Data Gathering: RapidVerify aggregates all the relevant data, whether it pertains to income or identity.
  • Report Generation: Using this data, a detailed verification report is generated, making it easy for users to understand the verification results.

Accessing Your Verification Report


  • PDF Report: Once finalized, you will receive a password-protected ZIP file attached to an email sent to your registered email address. This ZIP file contains all the verification details.
  • Password: The password for this ZIP file was generated upon your account signup.
  • Security: We ensure that the email transmission is encrypted and secure, prioritizing the protection of your personal data at every step.


  • Direct Access: If you've chosen to integrate RapidVerify with another platform, you can directly view your verification results on that platform.
  • Compatibility: RapidVerify seamlessly works with multiple platforms, ensuring that your report is presented in an easily digestible format, irrespective of where you view it.
  • Real-time Sync: As soon as the verification process is complete, the results are pushed to your chosen platform, eliminating any waiting times.

Interpreting Your Verification Report

  • Overview Section: This part will provide a summary of the verification process, indicating whether the verification was successful or if there were any discrepancies.

  • Detailed Breakdown: Dive deeper with a segment-wise breakdown, whether it's income or identity, allowing for a granular understanding of each verification step.

  • Recommendations (if any): In cases where discrepancies are found, the report might include suggestions or next steps to ensure successful verification in the future.

Post-Verification Actions

  • For Successful Verifications: Once verified, you can confidently proceed with any transactions or applications requiring this verification.
  • For Unsuccessful Verifications: It's essential to review the areas of discrepancy and seek clarifications or corrections as necessary. You may need to re-initiate the verification process after rectifying any issues.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have any questions about your report, or if you need help interpreting the results:

  • Support: Reach out to our dedicated RapidVerify support team. We're here to assist you in understanding and navigating your verification results.

  • Feedback: We constantly strive to improve. If you have suggestions or feedback about the verification process or the report, please let us know.

In conclusion, RapidVerify aims to make the post-verification phase as transparent and straightforward as possible. By ensuring easy access to your results and providing clear interpretations, we're committed to enhancing your verification experience every step of the way.