Hiring the Right Candidates: How Automated Identity Verification Streamlines the Process

Hiring the Right Candidates: How Automated Identity Verification Streamlines the Process

The hiring process can be tedious for both the employer and the candidate. Collecting and validating each applicant’s personal information is time-consuming and prone to errors. However, identity verification automation is revolutionizing the way companies hire. Read on to learn how implementing identity verification solutions can benefit hiring managers.

Verifying Applicant Identities

The first major challenge in hiring is ensuring the applicant is who they claim to be. Approximately 47% of job applicants lie on their resumes, with fabricated credentials, exaggerated experience, and false identities. Manual verification of identities leaves room for errors and missed red flags.

With automated verification, hiring managers can instantly validate government IDs and credentials against various databases in real-time. The right automation tools will validate identities against:

  • Government ID databases - The system scans IDs and checks the embedded security features against official records to spot fakes.
  • Watchlists - Automation screens applicants against global watchlists for potential matches to high-risk individuals.

By automatically verifying each piece of an applicant’s background, hiring managers can feel confident they are engaging with legitimate candidates.

Streamlining the Hiring Workflow

The hiring process involves many manual tasks that are repetitive and time consuming. Automated identity verification streamlines the process through:

  • Bulk uploading - HR managers can upload and process multiple applicant documents at once versus handling each manual verification.
  • Customizable risk rules - Set automated risk thresholds aligned with company values versus subjective human analysis.
  • Automated notifications - Instantly get alerts on high-risk applicants versus delayed email updates.
  • Seamless integrations - Identity checks integrate directly into your existing hiring platforms and ATS.
  • Centralized dashboard - All applicant screening results are accessible on one platform for efficient auditing.

Together these capabilities create a smooth, low-touch workflow for hiring managers. Verification happens instantly behind the scenes while relevant alerts come to you, leaving more time for interviewing and assessing top talent.

Unbiased Candidate Screening

Implicit human bias during hiring results in otherwise qualified candidates being unfairly screened out. In fact, one study found that identical resumes with different ethnic names received callback rates of 10% vs 25%.

Automated verification acts as an unbiased gatekeeper, assessing all candidates on equal standards. Custom risk rules are applied evenly across applicants. And automated tools do not make subjective judgments based on ethnic names or other personal attributes that a human may.

Hiring managers can feel assured that identity verification results reflect objective facts about candidates when configured thoughtfully. Automated checks remove bias from vetting and allow companies to evaluate applicants strictly on skills and cultural fit.

Secure Candidate Data

Collecting sensitive information comes with a responsibility to protect applicant privacy. Human error in handling personal IDs and records can lead to breaches.

Leading verification solutions encrypt data end-to-end and follow strict access controls. Automated tools only extract the minimal candidate details needed to validate IDs and credentials. Verification happens behind the scenes without exposing personal data to hiring managers.

Companies can enable fast identity checks while upholding their duty to keep applicant data secure and private.

Lower Costs

Slow and disjointed verification workflows drag out hiring timelines, leaving roles vacant. This in turn costs companies through:

  • Lost productivity from open positions and understaffed teams.
  • Higher spends on expensive contingent labor like contractors to temporarily fill gaps.
  • Drawn-out recruitment efforts that require extended advertising and HR staffing hours.

Automation accelerates verification steps and improves hiring efficiency. Filling open positions faster ultimately reduces costs associated with vacancies.

Plus, automated tools replace manual checks previously done by outsourced background check companies and HR contractors. Identity verification is handled in-house with simple software integrations versus expensive service fees.

Compliance Assured

Heavily regulated industries require stringent background checks and record keeping. For example, healthcare providers, schools, and financial institutions need to verify identities and licenses to comply with various state and federal statutes.

Automation provides full visibility into verification trails for each candidate screened. Configurable system logs chronologically record every check performed, the data sources accessed, and results. These immutable system logs provide ready proof of comprehensive background verification for audits and compliance.

Hiring managers gain assurance that identity checks meet legally mandated due diligence requirements. And compliance teams have on-demand access to detailed verification reports required for formal reviews or government inquiries.

How RapidVerify Can Help

RapidVerify offers real-time identity verification tailored to your organization’s needs. Our automation verifies government IDs globally and checks candidate credentials against authoritative databases instantly as applicants are processed.

Customizable risk analysis enables your company to filter candidates according to your values. Our AI-powered platform can ingest your unique business policies to automatically flag only relevant risks. And our automated tools seamlessly embed into your existing HR tech stack with open APIs.

Ready to simplify your hiring process? Contact RapidVerify today for a personalized demo. Our team is ready to partner with you to make high quality hires efficiently.