Introducing RapidVerify: The Definitive Solution to Document Fraud

Introducing RapidVerify: The Definitive Solution to Document Fraud

Introducing RapidVerify: The Definitive Solution to Document Fraud

Jun 16, 2023 — In an era where businesses are losing up to 5% of their revenue to fraud, the need for a reliable solution has never been greater. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of RapidVerify, an innovative platform designed to address the escalating problem of document fraud. RapidVerify empowers companies to verify employment, income, liabilities and more in real-time, enabling them to make instant decisions and avoid potential fraud.

RapidVerify is integrated with more than 100 leasing, lending, and dealership SaaS platforms, offering a wide-ranging solution that effectively mitigates the risk of fraud. By verifying directly with the original source, our platform virtually reduces the risk of alterations, ensuring an unparalleled level of data integrity and authenticity.

"Our goal with RapidVerify is to make applicant verification easy and efficient. We've created a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with the software tools businesses use daily, enhancing productivity and offering a streamlined experience," said Jeff Flynt, Founder at RapidVerify.

With RapidVerify, creating a verification request is a straightforward process. Businesses can create the request via our platform or in the software they are already using. Applicants can then enter their information from any location using our easy-to-use interface. Detailed verification reports are delivered in minutes via email or webhook, further expediting the decision-making process.

We are proud to announce that RapidVerify currently covers approximately 85% of the U.S. workforce for income verification via payroll provider. Furthermore, we offer robust API access to businesses subscribed to any of our business plans, which enables further customization and integration possibilities.

RapidVerify goes beyond employment and income verification. We also can provide utility billing data from electric, water, and gas companies. In the event that we are not integrated with a specific utility company, we can cross-reference the data with financial institutions for assurance.

Join us in embracing a new standard in verification. Protect your business from potential revenue loss due to fraud and enhance your decision-making process with RapidVerify. For more information, please visit

About RapidVerify

RapidVerify is a leading provider of real-time verification services. We help lenders, property managers, dealerships, and other businesses requiring absolute certainty in their client-provided documentation, ensure data integrity, and minimize their risk to fraud. RapidVerify is the trusted partner in combating document fraud, offering an unrivaled level of security and convenience.