Verifying Identities for Event Security: How Eventbrite Can Benefit from Automated Solutions

Verifying Identities for Event Security: How Eventbrite Can Benefit from Automated Solutions

In today's world, security is a top concern for any large gathering of people, and events are no exception. As an event organizer using Eventbrite, it's critical that you take steps to verify attendees' identities and ensure only authorized guests can access your events. Implementing identity verification procedures boosts security, protects your brand's reputation, and provides attendees with greater peace of mind.

The Risks of Not Verifying Identities

Without identity verification, it's easy for unauthorized people to gain access to your events by providing fake names and information. This opens up significant risks:

  • Safety issues if dangerous or disruptive individuals enter events. For example, in 2017 a man gained entrance to the Bonnaroo music festival using a counterfeit wristband, then shot and injured two people.
  • Reputation damage if events get overcrowded. Unverified guests could share event codes or credentials and allow more people to enter than an event's capacity, creating chaotic and unsafe conditions.
  • Financial losses due to gate-crashing and duplicated identities. Eventbrite statistics show that 7% of tickets are duplicated across their platform, costing organizers revenue.
  • Legal liability if minors access adult-only events or alcohol is served without ID checks. Failing to verify ages puts organizations at risk of lawsuits and liquor license issues.
  • Data privacy issues if impersonators gain access to events and acquire attendee personal information. This exposes events to GDPR violations and data breach risks.

Studies show that 84% of consumers rank safety and security as important factors when attending live events. Failing to verify identities undermines public trust in events and makes attendees less likely to purchase tickets or associate with brands.

Implementing Secure Identity Verification

Verifying attendee identities closes security gaps and provides multiple benefits:

  • Improved safety by restricting access only to ticketed, authorized guests. Identity verification thwarts counterfeit credentials and provides an essential security layer.
  • Reduced risks of overcrowding, since each ticket-holder is verified as a unique individual. This prevents duplicated tickets or codes from being used by multiple people.
  • Increased revenue through reduced fraud. According to Juniper Research, identity verification could help prevent $11 billion in fraudulent ticket purchases over just five years.
  • Compliance with legal age and capacity requirements when selling alcohol, cannabis or adult-only material. ID verification confirms guests are of legal age across all jurisdictions.
  • Enhanced public trust and brand reputation when events are seen as secure and well-managed. This drives increased ticket sales and participation over time.
  • Streamlined processes compared to manual ID checks. Automated identity verification is instant, convenient and minimizes delays for attendees entering events.

Eventbrite Can Benefit from Automated Identity Verification

As a leading global platform for 2 million+ events annually, Eventbrite can provide greater value to organizers and attendees through automated identity verification services. Integrating with a specialized identity verification provider gives Eventbrite solutions to:

  • Scan government-issued IDs and validate identity in real-time when tickets are presented. This keeps out counterfeits and duplicates.
  • Confirm user ages and automatically restrict underage ticket-holders from purchasing age-restricted tickets. This provides legal compliance.
  • Cross-check banned lists and watchlists to flag high-risk individuals attempting to enter events. Extra screening improves safety.
  • Conduct KYC checks on high-value ticket purchasers to prevent fraud through services like Ekata or Onfido.
  • Allow secure will call pickup and self-serve kiosk entry with ID scans to minimize manual checks. This accelerates entry while boosting security.

Automated identity verification integrated into Eventbrite can analyze up to 4,500 data points in each ID check in seconds. This provides 95%+ accuracy while giving attendees a smooth, convenient experience.

Research shows 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase tickets for an event if they know ID verification is required upon entry. Streamlining this process through automation provides Eventbrite new ways to showcase security and drive engagement.

Conclusion: Our Integration is the Future of Event Identity Management

Verifying attendee identities is a critical step for managing secure, trustworthy events. Manual verification methods are limited in scope and effectiveness. By integrating automated solutions into platforms like Eventbrite, organizers can instantly validate credentials, restrict unauthorized access, and keep events safe.

Fortunately, we have developed an advanced identity verification integration for Eventbrite that solves these challenges. Our integration allows Eventbrite users to automatically verify ticket-holders against government ID databases when they arrive on-site. This instant, real-time verification checks for fake IDs and duplicate tickets, ensuring each attendee is authorized.

With public concerns over event security on the rise, organizers cannot afford to overlook identity verification. Our Eventbrite integration automates this process using proven technology that confirms guest identities in seconds. This protects safety, prevents losses from fraud, and builds a reputation for professionalism that drives growth. By offering automated event security through our innovative Eventbrite integration, we are pioneering the future of identity management for the industry.