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Ensure Compliance

Automate I-9 form completion and verification.

Real-Time Results

Identity is verified in seconds, not days or weeks.

Say goodbye to I-9 paperwork - automate with our E-Verify integration

Simplify your employment eligibility verification with our intuitive I-9 automation solution. We take the hassle out of I-9 forms by automating completion, securely handling E-Verify submissions, and providing clear status updates. Save time, reduce errors, and focus on what matters most - your onboarding process.

Seamless Identity Verification

Seamlessly complete I-9s and verify work authorization. Minimize errors, streamline your onboarding process, and make faster hiring decisions with integrated E-Verify.

Our solution allows you to effortlessly verify employee identities within your existing workflow. Real-time identity checks provide fast, accurate results, empowering you to make informed hiring decisions with confidence. Reduce the risk of fraudulent applications and proactively protect your organization's reputation.

Automate I-9 form completion and verification to minimize manual work and ensure regulatory compliance. Eliminate potential errors, streamline the onboarding process, and save your HR team valuable time.

I-9 Compliance Made Simple

Eliminate I-9 hassles with automated form completion and verification. Save time, minimize errors, and stay compliant with employment regulations.


I-9 Completion with Unparalleled Security and Trust

Every piece of personal information is encrypted individually using envelope encryption powered by AES-256. Each verification request possesses a distinct encryption key, ensuring such privacy that even we cannot access the data.

No Code I-9 Completion

Experience effortless security with our no-code I-9 Completion system, revolutionizing your digital experience by offering unparalleled protection with just a few clicks.

Verify Work Authorization Swiftly

Unlock the power of reliable user verification outside the US, fostering secure connections and enhancing your global reach with our swift authentication solution.

Boost Confidence and Security

By leveraging our cutting-edge solution, you can significantly boost confidence and security among your employees, nurturing a reliable and safe environment for all interactions.

I-9 Verification FAQs

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Will I need to complete Day 1 document review for E-Verify?

No. With our alternative document review service, we handle the Day 1 document review process on your behalf. This ensures compliance and further streamlines your onboarding experience.

What happens if an employee is not eligible for employment through E-Verify?

You won't be left in the dark! We'll promptly notify you of any E-Verify eligibility issues and provide clear, actionable guidance to help you resolve them and stay compliant.

How does your identity verification process ensure security and legal compliance?

Our identity verification process is designed to provide maximum security and adheres to all relevant regulations. It includes these essential components:

  • ID Check (government-issued ID verification)
  • Liveness Check (real-time facial recognition to ensure the person is present)
  • Proof of Address (verification of a valid residential address)

Can we schedule a demo?

Yes. If you would like to schedule a demo to see the process end to end send us an e-mail at: support@rapidverify.io and we will get back with you to setup a time.