Our Security Approach

Your Security Is Our Priority

At RapidVerify, we understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information. That's why we implement a multi-layered approach to security, ensuring your data remains confidential from start to finish.

Robust Encryption: The Foundation of Protection

  • Client-Side Encryption: Your sensitive data gets an extra layer of protection with client-side encryption. This means it's encrypted directly in your browser before reaching our servers.
  • AES-256 Envelope Encryption: For each piece of personal information, we implement envelope encryption powered by AES-256, one of the most secure encryption methods.
  • Unique Keys for Every Request: We generate a unique encryption key for each verification process, ensuring maximum security. Not even we can access your encrypted data.
  • Robust Email Security: We prioritize the protection of your sensitive data. All outgoing emails, including those containing verification reports, are secured using TLS encryption and are further protected with zip encryption as needed.

Azure Confidential Computing: Shielding Your Data

  • Isolated Enclaves: We utilize Azure's confidential computing to process your sensitive details like government ID numbers and financial information within secure enclaves. These enclaves act as impenetrable fortresses, protecting your data during verification.
  • Remote Attestation: We verify the integrity of these enclaves, ensuring everything's set up securely and using the latest, uncompromised software.

Data Vault: Secured Within an Enclave

  • Protection Against Advanced Threats: We safeguard your data within a hardened Vault inside a confidential computing enclave. This offers robust defense against various threats, including insider attacks and system infiltration attempts.

Data Minimization: We Keep It Brief

  • Immediate Deletion: Your data is immediately erased after verification and report delivery. We don't retain personal information longer than necessary.

  • Leak Mitigation: Our swift data removal approach significantly reduces the risk of accidental data leaks and exposure.

Our Commitment to Your Security

Our advanced security measures, including client-side encryption, confidential computing, and strict data retention policies, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to your privacy. We constantly evaluate and refine our processes to safeguard your information.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.