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Verify nearly 100% of the U.S. workforce.

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Income is verified in seconds, not days or weeks.

Client Income Verification

Streamline Income Verification Across All Sources with Our Comprehensive Platform

Our platform enables you to swiftly verify any form of income, whether from traditional payroll sources or alternative ones. Automatically confirm regular paystub income for W-2 employees. Seamlessly validate government benefits like social security. Instantly check profit payouts from gig platforms. Even validate details of cash income. Regardless of income type or complexity, our solution provides reliable confirmation and actionable insights in minutes.

No more waiting days or sifting through paperwork. With real-time income verification aligning to each client's situation, you can rapidly move applicants through onboarding while minimizing risk. We streamline confirming all forms of income - employer, government, gig work, and more.

Instant Income Verification

Rapidly confirm your client's income whether it be regular employer income, government benefits, or gig pay.


Clients can instantly verify income from anywhere!

With our intuitive web platform, your clients can instantly verify income and employment details from anywhere, anytime.
  • 5 Hours

    Saved Per Week

  • $19

    Per Verification Report


Income Verification with Unparalleled Security and Trust

Every piece of personal information is encrypted individually using envelope encryption powered by AES-256. Each verification request possesses a distinct encryption key, ensuring such privacy that even we cannot access the data.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I opt to have the applicant pay?

Yes. When creating a verification request you have the option to allow the applicant to pay for the verification. If you are on the premium plan, you can use one of your 20 verifications a month or have the applicant pay.

Can we reach out to you if we have any questions?

Yes. You can use the live chat within the app or reach out to us via email at:

What's included in the verification report?

The verification report includes breakdown of income including source, frequency, payor, deductions, net pay, and more.

Do we have to pay if income can not be verified?

No. If we are unable to verify income, you will not have to pay. You will still receive a verification report stating this.