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Financial Institutions
ID Verification
U.S. Workforce
Utility Customers

Leverage Pipedrive's automation capabilities to streamline identity and income verification requests based on deal stage changes

RapidVerify for Pipedrive streamlines the income and identity verification process for your contacts. As a salesperson or business owner, knowing your customer is an essential part of establishing trust and credibility. RapidVerify makes this easier and more efficient by natively embedding itself into the Pipedrive CRM.

Natively Integrated

RapidVerify natively integrates with Pipedrive, allowing users to request and manage income and identity verification of contacts without leaving the CRM

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that you are dealing with legitimate customers by verifying their identity and income.

Stay Compliant

Maintain compliance and control access to sensitive information with secure, password-protected report delivery.

Improved Efficiency

Automating the verification process saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on what's important - closing deals.

Customer Identity Verification

RapidVerify simplifies KYC compliance for companies, by enabling anti-fraud measures and ongoing user screening for customer onboarding.

Navigating Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations can be challenging for businesses today. Our solution, simplifies KYC compliance. With robust anti-fraud features and consistent user screening, RapidVerify enables a smooth, secure onboarding experience. This bolsters your company's reputation and fortifies defenses against identity fraud. The result is hassle-free customer interactions with strengthened fraud protections.

No more waiting days or sifting through paperwork. With real-time income verification aligning to each client's situation, you can rapidly move applicants through onboarding while minimizing risk. We streamline confirming all forms of income - employer, government, gig work, and more.

Instant Income Verification

Rapidly confirm your client's income whether it be regular employer income, government benefits, or gig pay.


Clients can instantly verify identity or income from anywhere!

With our intuitive web platform, your clients can instantly verify their identity and income details from anywhere, anytime.
  • 5 Hours

    Saved Per Week

  • $19

    Per Verification Report


Verification with Unparalleled Security and Trust

Every piece of personal information is encrypted individually using envelope encryption powered by AES-256. Each verification request possesses a distinct encryption key, ensuring such privacy that even we cannot access the data.
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