Press Release
July 3, 2023

DoorLoop and RapidVerify Join Forces to Revolutionize Property Management with Advanced Verification Automation

AUSTIN, TX - July 3, 2023 - In a groundbreaking development for property management professionals, DoorLoop, a leading property management software provider, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with RapidVerify, an industry leader in fraud prevention and authentication services. The alliance is set to bring advanced verification technology into DoorLoop's platform, revolutionizing the income verification process for potential tenants.

DoorLoop, founded by property managers and landlords, was crafted out of a need for an easy, affordable, and comprehensive software solution to simplify property management. The company has always strived to help property managers accomplish more by doing less, empowering them to build strong relationships with tenants while managing their portfolios effectively.

RapidVerify, known for its trusted authentication services, adds an essential layer of security to the partnership. In a time where businesses face revenue losses of up to 5% due to fraud, further intensified by advanced AI technology, RapidVerify's services provide the absolute certainty needed in client documentation for lenders, property managers, and other businesses.

"Joining forces with DoorLoop allows us to give property managers a broader and more robust toolset," said Jeff Flynt, Founder of RapidVerify. "The integration of our services into DoorLoop's platform not only automates the income verification process, but it also reduces the risk of fraud. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide businesses with the utmost confidence in their client documentation."

The integration of RapidVerify's cutting-edge technology into DoorLoop's software is set to significantly enhance the tenant screening process. Property managers will now be able to swiftly and accurately verify a prospective tenant's income, enabling them to make informed decisions, safeguard their investments, and cultivate trust with their tenants.

About DoorLoop
DoorLoop is an innovative property management software provider. Born out of the needs and experiences of property managers and landlords, DoorLoop empowers its clients to do more by doing less with its user-friendly, affordable, and comprehensive solutions.

About RapidVerify
RapidVerify is a provider of authentication services, ensuring businesses have utmost confidence in their client documentation. In a world increasingly susceptible to fraud, RapidVerify offers a vital line of defense for businesses across various sectors.