Press Release


AUSTIN, TX - January 10, 2024 - Big news from the world of recruitment and HR tech! RapidVerify, an established provider of real-time identity verification, has announced a groundbreaking integration with Greenhouse Recruiting. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete transformation of your hiring process, making identity verification a breeze.

Seamless Integration for Secure Hiring

Imagine a world where verifying a candidate's identity is as simple as a few clicks. That world is now a reality with RapidVerify's integration into Greenhouse. This collaboration ensures that candidates are precisely who they claim to be, offering peace of mind and a secure hiring process.

Automate and Simplify with Advanced Technology

Gone are the days of tedious manual checks. Our automated identity verification within Greenhouse is like a diligent assistant, working around the clock. It reduces errors, speeds up the hiring cycle, and integrates seamlessly with your existing Greenhouse system.

Effortless Compliance with I-9 Automation

Dealing with I-9 forms can be a hassle, but not anymore. Our solution automates the entire process, ensuring compliance with employment laws. It fills, verifies, and manages I-9s effortlessly, saving time and minimizing human error.

In-Depth Verification Reports at Your Fingertips

Our platform offers detailed verification reports directly within Greenhouse. These comprehensive reports provide critical information, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making in your hiring process.

Why This Matters

"This integration with Greenhouse represents a significant step in simplifying and securing the hiring process," says Jeffrey Flynt, Founder of RapidVerify. "We're excited to bring this innovation to HR teams, enhancing their efficiency and providing a smoother experience for candidates."

About RapidVerify

RapidVerify is at the forefront of identity verification technology, dedicated to enhancing the hiring process with secure, compliant solutions. Our innovative approach is revolutionizing how companies verify candidate identities, fostering safer and more efficient hiring practices.

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse Recruiting is the hiring operating system for people-first companies. From sourcing to structured interviewing and onboarding, our all-in-one software gives you the tools to make better, fairer and more confident hiring decisions.